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Exploratory Study of Entire-body PET Scans for Multiple Sclerosis


Brief Summary:

To evaluate whether an entire-body positron emission tomography (PET) scanner can be
exploited to improve evaluation, monitoring and measurement of both peripheral and central
demyelination in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.


Inclusion Criteria:

– Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with advanced state of the disease as evidenced by
severe disability scores (EDSS > 5) with impaired motor control of extremities.

– Normal healthy subjects.

– Willing and able to lie motionless on the PET-CT scanner bed for at least 10 minutes
and up to 20 minutes for the duration of the PET-CT medical imaging scan.

Exclusion Criteria:

– Any additional complicating medical illness other than MS including any other
neuropsychiatric illness unrelated to MS diagnosed prior to the onset of initial
symptoms of MS.

– Pregnancy or breast feeding.

– Diabetes or other metabolic-endocrine disorders.

– Any known concomitant acute infection.

– History of metastatic or locally invasive cancer.

– Recent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


  • Brain Health Alliance, Ladera Ranch, California, United States, 92694
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