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Computerized Tests of Cognitive Decline in Presymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease


Brief Summary:

The investigators will study performance on computerized cognitive tasks in healthy
participants of different ages to gather normative data for newly developed computerized
cognitive tests. These tests are designed to permit the early detection of individuals at
risk of age-related cognitive decline.


Inclusion Criteria:

– Must be able to use computer mouse and touch screen.

– Must speak English as a primary language

Exclusion Criteria:

– History of psychiatric disorder

– History of stroke or transient ischemic attack

– History of substance abuse

– History of medical or sensory disorders that are incompatible with effective testing

– History of traumatic brain injury with hospitalization and extended loss of

– History of epilepsy

– History of depression or anxiety


  • Neurobehavioral Systems, Inc., Berkeley, California, United States, 94704
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