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Biomarker Predictors of Memantine Sensitivity in Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease


Brief Summary:

The effects of the medication, memantine, on brain functions and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Disease will be tested



1. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center-confirmed diagnosis of AD

2. Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score 10-22 OR a Montreal Cognitive Assessment
(MOCA) score of 15-24

3. Age 50-80 y

4. Knowledgeable caregiver

5. Ambulatory

6. Medically stable;

7. Audiometric testing (detection < 40 db(A) at 1000 Hz) 8. Informed consent Exclusion: 1. Active systemic illness (e.g. heart disease, liver failure, renal insufficiency, cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, Hepatitis C) 2. Current psychiatric or neurologic illness other than AD 3. History of vascular disease, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accidents, transient ischemic attack, seizure, head injury with loss of consciousness; substance dependence (including alcohol and Opioid) 4. Past treatment with memantine; unable to tolerate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor 5. Investigational drug treatment < 30 d of screening 6. Current meds: amantadine, riluzole, other pro-cognitive medication, opioids 7. Positive urine toxicology for non-prescribed psychoactive substance 8. Actively enrolled in cognitive remediation therapy


  • Clinical Teaching Facility (CTF-B102) at UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, California, United States, 92103
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